Garrick Wheeler Born in South Africa in 1986 Garick Michael Wheeler has always been a creative person. Armed with crayons and a wall, later to become pen and paper or paint and canvas. This creative art progressed through the years, that eventually became the start of a photographic career in 2008.
Since then he has worked with many different individuals and groups mainly specialising in the portrait, fashion and editorial forms of photography. Working with state of the art gear and a different approach on photography, using location or studio, and even sometimes a combination of both, he sets out and achieves exactly what the client wants, with a unique style that is his own.
Monica Ferreira From lipstick on mirrors to finally perfectly painted lips, my Make up artistry talent became more prominently evident in my high school years, with outstandingly outlined lined eyes & neatly kept nails, there was no mistaking that beauty was in my blood. Having decided to venture into studying & qualifying with a internationally recognized certificate in makeup artistry in 2006, I had found something i truly loved- making people more beautiful.
My journey took me through many clients, until one day in 2011 i had he pleasure of meeting gmWheeler. Ever since him discovering my talents & seeing the potential, i have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I have seen ALLOT of faces, different places, and helped too produce hundreds of stunning images.
We also have the pleasure & privilege of working with a few other talented Ladies & Gents in the industry, Stylists, Assistant & Student Photographers & such, who's names will pop up now & then.